Can Cannabis Save America?

The United States of America: Land of the free, home of the brave. Cannabis: Whacky tobacky, weed, marijuana. Recent memory suggest that the two terms don’t have much to do with one another. For the most part, the US [government] has rejected cannabis from pretty much every part of modern society. For decades before 2018, cannabis was federally illegal to grow as a crop, illegal to use or prescribe as a drug, and illegal to possess as medicine. Now, with farmers desperate for a new cash crop, citizens overdosing from unnatural medications, and law enforcement having it’s hands tied by cracking down on individuals simply looking to self-medicate — the slow drip legalization of cannabis is beginning to change the landscape of society. But can cannabis really save America?


Cannabis to the Rescue.


Times are changing. Cannabis is now recreationally or medicinally legal in 30 states and states like Colorado and California have seen an enormous economic growth because of it.  In the Northeast region, where states such as Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts are hit hard with prescription drug addiction, recent updates to the marijuana laws have helped communities begin to recover. Law enforcement all across the country now has a better opportunity to connect with the communities it polices as both sides learns about the new crop, medicine, and product together.


What Cannabis Can’t Do


While the responsible reintroduction of cannabis into American communities could prove to be a major stepping stone in the right direction, we cannot expect improvement on the back of cannabis alone. If we are to get more famers involved, we need to educate the people on the importance of cannabis and the different uses the crop provides. This way it’s clear to the community why they should accept the cultivator, retailer, or distributor in their area.  For communities suffering from drug addiction or overdose, again, education is paramount in understanding why communities are becoming addicted in the first place, so that responsible habits are being formed, regardless of the substance use. Because law enforcement and tax payers are hand-in-hand, it’s paramount that all branches of society understand what cannabis can mean to the growth of America’s future.

As we continue to fight for the freedom to live a long and healthy life, we must be brave enough to continue to forge ahead into the unknown. After all, this is America: Land of the free, home of the brave. Let’s act like it.