CBD For Life

By now it should be clear to many that CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, can be a benefit to us all. But to some, it’s much more than a mere benefit, it’s the key to a normal and healthy life. Meet Angelee. She’s a member of the Dimo P&D family and currently medical user of CBD.


Angelee lives with generalized or “grand mal” epilepsy. She suffered her first seizure at 15 and for years struggled with finding the right medication for her.


I had been unsuccessfully trying to find a medication that controls the seizures with manageable side effects.


Unfortunately for her, the common side effects were all severe — dizziness, fatigue, mood swings, and changes in weight. It wasn’t until she was introduced to CBD through working alongside [Pete] Dimo, did Angelee discover the true medical prowess that CBD possessed.


“The first time I tried CBD, I took a 18:1 sublingual spray with my medication and I didn’t experience the vertigo-like dizziness for the first time in years. As long as I took it, some of the side effects of my anti-seizure drugs were curbed.”


Angelee isn’t the only seizure sufferer who’s experienced the positive results of medicating with CBD. Countless stories from all over the world tell tales of individuals (many time children) suffering from more than 300 seizures a day before trying cannabis. After adding CBD to their medical routine, many report that the seizures stop dramatically.


Slowly but surely, United States CBD laws are starting to catch up to the progress of the people, but there’s still a ways to go. Fortunately for Angelee, her friends and family have been very supportive.


“I think all of the information and documentaries available to the public are part of what has made them [my family] so open.” She says.


I would like to see it treated like any other medication. I would like to go to my doctor, get a script for exactly what I need, have it covered by insurance, and pick it up at the pharmacy.


Currently Dimo has a Machu CBD strain that is being tested for R&D. This coming season, Dimo will be cultivating nursery-provided CBD strains and will soon be able to provide multiple CBD options for retailers and distributors.