The Machu Dimo Strain

Machu Picchu is an Incan city located almost 8,000 ft. above sea level in the southern part of Peru. It’s known for its spiritual energy and mythical landscape, so its no surprise that a cannabis strain plucked from this region carries more with it then just an amazing high. This is the history of the Machu Dimo strain.


Journey towards the Machu Dimo.

To get into the heart of the region you must take a train — One way in, one way out. Even still, the road less traveled is often the path to freedom. So it’s no surprise that the path towards the Machu Dimo leads us away from the train tracks and deep into the jungles of Peru.


It’s 4am. With no flashlights, just gear strapped to our backs, we follow the enthusiastic guide as he slashes his way through thick brush with a machete. When we said we wanted to experience the real Machu Piccchu, we did not expect it to get this real. We followed the guide deeper and deeper into the jungle, trying our best to keep up. He was focused. Determined. But why? We asked for a local tour, but we couldn’t help but feel like he had much more in store for us. He comes to an abrupt stop.


“Whoa!” he says, and we hold our breath. After a few seconds we hear the faint sound of raging water, 100’s of feet below. We exhale and the guid leads us across a natural bridge a few steps away form out initial path. Soon we stopped again. Expecting to stumble upon another gorge, we were much more relaxed. But this time the guide whispered the word, “Puma.” Needless to say we hurried along, things were getting realer than we thought.


Approaching the last leg of our journey, we found ourselves back on the train tracks. As we strolled through the dark tunnel, the silence was a change of pace from the natural noise of the jungle. But before long, we were running for our lives as the sound of a speeding train (one way in, one way out) roared toward us.


“Go, go, go!” The guide yelled as we leaped out of the other end of the tunnel, jumping from the tracks at the last minute. At this point, it things were %110 real.


Deep gorges, live pumas, and runaway trains.

We headed to Peru for a chance to learn more about the world around us. We ended up learning much more about the world living inside. We arrived at the end of our journey at the top edge of a Machu mountain, tens of feet away from the standard tourist location (and much earlier than anyone else). We sat down on flat ground and looked out into the scene in front of us. All we could see from the edge of the cliff was fog.  Our guide calmly sat next to us and rolls a joint. He passes it, but as we move to light it, he urges us to wait. Moments later he tosses us the lighter. We look into the fog and watch as it slowly moves away, like magic.


“Now,” he says.


From the fog, emerged the most spectacular view of the Machu Picchu valley. We had finally found what we were looking for.


The Mahcu Dimo has Arrived

From the elevated mountains of South America, to the elevated mountains of Northern California. The Machu Dimo strain represents truth and authenticity. Anyone or anything blessed to experience it will also be blessed with opportunity to reach true potential. People and plants alike. To find out more about our Dimo Mahcu strains. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and be to be the first to know — and the first to grow.