Outdoor vs. Indoor

As the cannabis industry continues to legitimize itself, the industry’s cultivators and their grow methods are being scrutinized more than ever. The debate between what type of grow is the best (indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse) has finally reached the mainstream. From Leafly to Hightimes, those who know cannabis know there’s a difference between the three main types of operations; time, cost, and final product all vary. In the end, the ideal grow may depend solely on the cultivator.


So why grow cannabis outdoor?


The main reason Dimo grows it’s cannabis outdoor is because of the bigger yields and organic quality. Period. While it’s true that growing indoors gives cultivators complete control of the environment, many believe that the lack of natural elements takes away from a plants full potential.


“Because you have so much control, the indoor may produce popular aesthetics and smells, but many times it doesn’t pack the same punch as the plants we can grow with the seasons.” says Pete, the lead cultivator at Dimo, P&D LLC.


“Indoor definitely has it’s place in the industry, especially when it comes to mass production and the recreational market. It [the indoor grow industry] has taken a bit of a hit due to the high overhead cost and maintenance requirements.” he says.


Lights, dehumidifiers and a reliable irrigation system are just a few things needed to operate a sustainable indoor grow. Not to mention the staff and/or expertise to keep it functional.  Because the environment is confined to an indoor space, cultivators need to be extra careful about unnatural contaminants spreading or the controlled environment being disrupted.


If you know what your doing, there's no question outdoor is better.


Dimo keeps it’s grow size relatively small so it can specialize on the exotic buds like it’s Machu Strain, or it’s CBD only strains. But growing cannabis outdoors doesn’t come without obstacles of its own. No matter what the grow, cultivators need to understand their crop and the necessary care needed to reach its full potential. Because the outdoor elements can be harsher and unpredictable, extra time is taken to care for each individual plant.


In the long term, Dimo sees the cannabis industry much like the wine industry. Certain cultivators will begin to separate themselves based on quality, others based on output and availability. Greenhouse grows or fully indoor grows work great to pump out product for extraction, while specialized outdoor operations will look to cater to boutique or luxury brand cannabis. Dimo strives to meet consumers in the middle, providing a reliable and consistent supply of the high-quality strains, all outdoor and sun-grown.


Dimo P&D specializes in outdoor cultivation and is committed to keeping strains high-quality and sun-grown.


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